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Live Now! With your host Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett
MSVBN Funeral Streaming Service
• MSVBN’s virtual funeral Webcast is the best platform overall for live streaming a funeral or memorial service
• Live streaming a funeral service creates a lasting memorial or a digital time capsule of the event
• If the Crematorium or Church doesn't have live streaming facilities, you have two options: live streaming the funeral yourself or hiring us as your virtual funeral team
• If you're looking for a funeral broadcasting service, My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network’s virtual funeral has you covered. ... or graveside services, you can even broadcast from a phone or tablet without the limitation that other platforms allow
• MSVBN’s virtual funeral Webcast is a leader in providing Funeral Webcasting, Memorial Webcasting, and Funeral Broadcasting.
• Our funeral webcast is where the funeral service is broadcast live over the internet, in ROKU, and on all the major mobile devices. Families choosing these services are provided with a private log in to a live feed and more.
• My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network’s virtual funeral Webcast service allows loved ones who cannot attend in person to listen to the funeral ceremony live over the Internet.
Call For Base Price
Included Hours of Streaming
Unlimited Viewers
Custom Event Page
No extra fees for HD Quality
Multi Bit Rate Streaming
Viewer Comments
Real time Monitoring During Broadcast
We Provide Broadcasting Software
Optional. We Provide Broadcasting Hardware
Stream From Any Venue
Multi Camera Coverage Supported
Professional HD Video, Audio & Broadcast Gear
Optional. Professional Streaming to your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter Page
And More
My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network’s virtual funeral Offers Secure Live Video Streaming and Video Broadcasting Solutions for the Funeral Industry.
We are in Minnesota but provide services in and out of the USA
Call Us at 763 568 6709 or 1 855 457 2867 to Start Today

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