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GFEM Network TV-07-28-2021

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MSVBN’s Donation Drive. We need your help. Greetings from your Host: Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett and our 24hr broadcasting family. This is an extremely pivotal time for MSVBN. We are facing the loss of our network if we do not upgrade our servers and the platform’s overall systems build. MSVBN houses hundreds of family-friendly channels to fit the need of all people looking for Christian broadcasting. This donation drive will take us to the next level and by doing so we will be able to give you a better streaming experience. Bringing the word to the world and teaching a holistic biblical-based message for today. Topics: Marriage, Family Life, Business, Theology, Church History, Apologetics, Preaching Children’s TV, and more. Your gift is needed. Thank you for viewing our network of power-filled churches, leaders, and teachers. My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network. Spreading the only word that matters. Find us on Roku TV, Android app Add us to your TV favorite device! Website: Office: 1-855-457-2867 Broadcast with us. We are kingdom-building minds developing kingdom-minded people. Do you have a show idea? Come and join our family of broadcasters. WAYS TO GIVE:$BishopLockett God bless you for your gift from Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett and Pastor Carolyn Lockett
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