You can now build your own ROKU channel through us

Larix Broadcaster allows to encode and broadcast video and/or audio live content from your mobile device in real-time over WiFi.

We have multiple publishing plans available. Pick one. Contact us at -855-457-2867 or 763-568-6709 Ask for Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett. My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network is one of the fastest growing Content Delivery Network (CND) Video Platform developer in the nation. Our innovative approach to business and ministry development allow us to target any market.
Streaming movies and church videos, Faith based television, theatrical, drama, comedy, sports and television series.


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This year is your year of liberation in Jesus name. Come join the family. We are broadcasting in ROKU TV, Facebook, Android TV, all major mobile devices. Call Bishop Lockett at: 763-568-6709

We have multiple publishing plans available.

Live Broadcaster A

Live Broadcaster B

New Special WOW!

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Simultaneous Viewers 1,000 2,000 5,500
Bandwidth 500 GB/mo 1,000 GB/mo 30 GB/mo
Storage 30 GB 100 GB 30 GB
Video Channels 1 2 4
Encoded Videos 100/mo 200/mo 300/mo
delete own channel
manage video channels
manage events
ppv for events
channel reports
allow channel available on roku
enable news ticker
allow channels on STB
session metrics reports
Broadcast LIVE in HD
manage playlists
encoding videos for roku
upload new video
delete own video
html5 videos
Community messages
block user
Record / Upload VOD
twitter announcements
share player
allow branding
change message color
desktop notifications
manage sub users
Manage Channel Themes
Live Channel Playlists
Charge Pay Per View
Custom Channel Watermarks
Program Calendar
Ads Removed
White-Label Player
Publish to Roku
Build Your Own Roku Application
Publish to Android tv
Publish to Mobile

Live Broadcaster A

Simultaneous Viewers 1,000
Bandwidth 500 GB/mo
Storage 30 GB
Video Channels 1
Encoded Videos 100/mo

Live Broadcaster B

Simultaneous Viewers 2,000
Bandwidth 1,000 GB/mo
Storage 100 GB
Video Channels 2
Encoded Videos 200/mo

New Special WOW!

Simultaneous Viewers 5,500
Bandwidth 30 GB/mo
Storage 30 GB
Video Channels 4
Encoded Videos 300/mo

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