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Bishop Lockett understand that ministries large and small share the same calling as it relates to the word of God. God’s call for us to reach the world with his message of Redemption, Salvation and Power is summed up by the simplicity of one word, Go. In my attempt to fulfill thisGreat Commission in Matthew 28:16-20 I have with great prayer and seeking the Lord, trust by faith the vision given me. Bishop Lockett is the founder of Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV (GFEM Network TV) This network is the catalyst being used to reach the world on a global level. Your partnership is pivotal to our growth and without your ministry broadcasting on our network this blessing to so many souls will be lost. My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network (MSVBN) Programming Solutions streaming experience coupled with our robust content delivery network has made us the ideal choice to help us deliver, manage, and monetize media content on all popular platforms. Training on Adjusting to a new pyridine Pastoring in a new church age of digital influence As a Leader in Digital Broadcasting Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett has been providing streaming solutions for churches and helping them build in an ever growing age of change. Bishop Lockett is the owner of My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network (MSVBN). Bishop Lockett is now teaching a group of classes on Adjusting to a new pyridine in this digitally progressive world of change. Come and join Bishop Lockett as he provides insightful information, encouraging word and training on utilizing the powerful tools within the My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network platform. Please note that all video broadcasting is not the same. It is time to find out why. Imagine having your own 24hr Streaming Network like regular TV broadcasting that runs 24/7. If you could have your own TBN station or Word Network what would you do? This is what I'm offering you. What most people do not know is that there are multiple types of broadcasting. What I offer is linear 24-hour broadcasting and OTT "Over the top Broadcasting". Why just broadcast a video when you can own the company. THE CHURCH WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, ARE YOU READY
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