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My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network (MSVBN) and our use of Roku to get web-based video content into a world full of worshipers and those that have not experienced Jesus yet. The Lord has opened a wonderful door of opportunity giving you access to our video platform easily, economically, and efficiently. This free streaming service is now the connection used to provide all the wonderful teaching, preaching and special programming specific to marriage, youth and personal development on the web straight into your homes, sanctuary and any other place nationwide, allowing us to touch and agree with people on a global level in Jesus name. My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network (MSVBN) is the development of "Good ground website Designs". This dynamic ministry is driven by one source, The Holy Spirit. The purpose of MSVBN is to reach the world with the kingdom principles presented to us through the word of God. We believe that this is a pivotal time in the spiritual and earthly realm. This end-time ministry provides biblical applications to change the entire person. We are Kingdom building minds developing kingdom-minded people. Are you streaming live and if not, why? My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network's Office: 1-855-457-2867 Come and broadcast on our network. Website: mystreamingvideo.net E-mail: Support@mystreamingvideo.live
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MSV Broadcasting Network TV

GFEM Network TV-08-8-2021

0001 MSV Broadcasting Network TV Sep 18 05:15 PM - Sep 19 03:47 PM
Live Now! With your host Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett and First Lady Pastor Carolyn Lockett. My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network is a kingdom-driven broadcasting network that is dedicated to family-friendly, spirit-filled, and faith-based television that will feed your soul and build your spiritual muscles. Thank you for viewing our network of power-filled churches, leaders, and teachers. My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network is Spreading the only word that matters. Welcome broadcasting family. Broadcast in your own 24hr TV network. Please visit the website and pick your package for broadcasting. Enjoy being your own private Broadcasting Network have a Jesus day looking forward to serving you. We are kingdom-building minds developing kingdom-minded people. Streaming Packages $49.99 * Special Offer $100.00 * $199.99 * $699.99 • Create a 24hr video broadcast • Number of Video Channels 25 • Custom Player Watermarks • Publish in our Roku channel • Publish in your own public Roku channel • Publish to Mobile • Charge Pay Per View • Broadcast LIVE in HD • Manage Channel Themes • Record and Upload VOD • No Ads • White-Label Player • Encoded Videos • Transcoded Files • Publish Video Channels • And more… • Website: www.mystreamingvideo.net • E-Mail: support@mystreamingvideo.live • Office: 1-855-457-2867 • Private: 763-568-6709


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