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This powerful teaching on some of our most difficult questions will be illuminating and liberating for all kingdom minded levels. MyStreamingVideo.Live has developing a new 24hr channel called “Approaching the Scriptures, Lessons in Theology” that will broadcast Apostolic Theology, Apologetics and History of Oneness Dogma. We are looking for video footage to add to this channel free of charge. Pastors that are visiting Minnesota are welcome to stop by Pastor Lockett’s office for live broadcasting when in town. Pastor Lockett is a lifelong student of the Modalistic approach of reasoning as it relates to Oneness Theology and this is his contribution to our Apostolic Heritage and the God we trust for its truth. Your support is pivotal to the development of this much needed resource. Please Note: We need Scholarly individuals to provide in-depth teaching of Oneness Theology, Apologetics and Church History. We will allow this channel to be added to multiple websites to advance these rich and Spirit-Filled Teachings to a word lacking the key truths of our Apostolic Faith. Please share this information with every Apostolic Minister that you know in Jesus. Pastor Lloyd T. Lockett is the owner of Good Ground Website Designs LLC and a host of other company and ministries. Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV (GFEM Network TV) and MyStreamingVideo.Live are branches of the "Good Ground Website Designs" family. This dynamic ministry is driven by one source, The Holy Spirit. The purpose of GFEM Network TV is to reach the world with the kingdom principles presented to us through the word of God. We believe that this is a pivotal time in the spiritual and earth realm. This end time ministry provides biblical applications to change the entire person. We are Kingdom building minds developing kingdom minded people. Our video platform and media delivery systems are optimized for rich experiences that is combined with the power of one of the world’s most connected, secure and trusted video streaming solution. We are now enabling you, your staff and your clients to create, maintain and manage your organization successful. Operating at lower cost, in less time with ease will provide you with the quality and excellence you deserve. Contact Information: Pastor Lloyd T. Lockett Direct line: 763-742-6842
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Approaching the Scriptures Lessons in Theology

GFEM Network TV-03-15-2021 24hr

0007 Approaching the Scriptures Lessons in Theology May 7 10:25 AM - May 8 09:26 AM
Greetings I’m Bishop Lloyd T. Lockett the owner of "My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network" "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." -- Ray Goforth Broadcast with us. Please visit the website and pick your package for broadcasting. Enjoy being your own private Broadcasting Network Video streaming is now a very powerful force in reaching the world with the word of God. With that being said, you should have full control of your own 24hr broadcasting network. Image no more limitation with full hands-on control with the tools you need to accomplish your broadcasting needs. We’re looking forward to serving you. We are kingdom-building minds developing kingdom-minded people. You’ll get 1. Affordable packages 2. Ease of use 3. Reliable video streams 4. Scalable to meet all your needs 5. Professional programmable playlist system 6. Display watermark in channel 7. Build a Roku Application Streaming Packages $49.99 * Special Offer $100.00 *$149.99 * $299.99 • Create a 24hr video broadcast • Number of Video Channels 25 • Custom Player Watermarks • Publish in our Roku channel • Publish in your own public Roku channel • Publish to Mobile • Charge Pay Per View • Broadcast LIVE in HD • Manage Channel Themes • Record / Upload VOD • Ads Removed • White-Label Player • Encoded Videos • Publish Video Channels • And more… This is my private line: 763-568-6709. Please give me a call my dear friend. Website: www.mystreamingvideo.net E-Mail: support@mystreamingvideo.live Office: 1-855-457-2867 Lord bless you and your family in God's grace, have a Jesus day.


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