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Prophetess Wade


Lion of Judah prophetic worship center/Radical Remnant Global Ministries

Tel: 201-539-8703

The Lion of Judah Prophetic Worship Center and Radical Remnant Global Ministries (RRGM) were established in 2016 by Prophetess Anna Kay Wade. In 2007, under the tutelage of Reverend Scotbert Steadman in Kingston, Jamaica, Dr. Wade began her ascension in the prophetic ministries. Preordained for greatness, she obtained a ministerial position as pastor two years after her baptism. After four years with Purity Evangelical Church of God, she migrated to the United States and subsequently attained a doctorate degree in theology from Cornerstone University located in Maryland. Due to an unyielding vocation to do God’s work, she uprooted her life to uplift many lives in Christ. Vast are the testimonies demonstrated by God through her.


With a great need to share the good news of the Gospel of Christ, she sought out to build her own church. Her ministry began as a modest assemblage held at her home, but as does everything rooted in God, it grew immensely to where she was able to lease her first building. From thence, Dr. Wade ventured into impacting lives on a global scale in a spirited endeavor to win souls for Christ. She traveled extensively to many nations that include Ghana, Nigeria, China, Honduras, etc. This unabashed passion led her to undertake church planting in partnership with Kingdom Ministries of YHWY, Radical Remnant Global Ministries and the Lion of Judah Prophetic Worship Center. Dr. Wade’s loyal call to God is demonstrated through the connections she has made through establishing a foundation for the less privileged across the world.  As a devout Child of God, her wish is to bring about an awareness to things we wrestle against in the spiritual realm unknowingly; giving glory to no other but Yeshua Hamashiach.